Get to Know Us

We make better products for a better world.

We started our journey with the slogan “Better Products, Better World” to become product supply solution partner of chain stores, large-scale distributors, resellers and retail shops in the categories of toys, stationery, accessories, lifestyle and pet products. With our extensive production facility network in the Far East, Turkey and Europe, we have produced millions of products for our customers so far.

As Kidzon, we are aware of challenging market conditions that consumption habits are changing very fast and price competition is increasing day by day. Our priority is creating best products with the most competitive price according to our partners’ target cost, quality and design expectations. Our slogan “Better Products, Better World” refers to our focus on every little detail of production process including product development, raw material selection, mass production, inspection and certification.

We are also aware of that design matters. We follow trends and sectoral innovations and create new lines constantly to keep up with trends. Each year we launch hundreds of products in different categories with our partners’ private label brands or our own brands. You can discover our brands by clicking here.

Our Business Model

As Kidzon, we consider our customers as our partner.

We supply the products with the most competitive price according to our partners target cost, quality need and design expectations. This helps our partners to increase their turnover and profitability.

We follow sectoral innovations, global fairs and the latest trends and keep our partners updated. We regularly recommend new products.

Product safety is always our priority. We carry out the necessary inspections during production and test our products in accredited laboratories to ensure product safety. In this way, we ensure the safety of each product we deliver.

We are meticulously interested in every detail of the products we supply by acting with the slogan “Better Products, Better World”.

Work Done Step by Step

• We start working in line with the demand for new products from you or your selections from the new products we offer.

• We assume each new product supply process as a new project and plan carefully.

• We finalize all the details such as material, design and packaging with you and we start production accordingly.

• We define testing standards according to countries to be sold for each product and arrange production to meet these requirements.

• We carry out the necessary tests such as EN71, AZO, ROHS, food contact etc. in particular products.

• We carry out the necessary inspections during the production process and ensure product quality standards.

• We perform quality control for all products and always provide the best quality.

• We pack the products as your request and deliver them to your warehouse on time.